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At Bath and Biscuit we want your pets to look great with the right accessories.

We carefully choose products that offer both style and functionality.

  • Highlands Hounds are locally made rope leashes that come in a wide variety of colour combinations
  • Wigzi Dog Collars are bright, reflective, waterproof and odour-free 
  • Lupine Eco Collars and Leashes are made from recycled plastic bottles. 
  • Canada Pooch Outerwear and Harnesses 
  • Gentle Leader

Pet Food

Collars, Clothes and More...

Food, Treats and More...

Grooming Supplies 

We are excited to announce we are expanding and will soon offer pet food and supplies.  Check back soon for more information on food, treats, supplements, toys, beds, dishes, outerwear, leash, collars and harnesses. 

To book your dog's grooming appointment please call: 519-387-7762

Keep your pup looking and feeling great at home with the right grooming products. Ask your groomer which brushes and combs will work best on your dogs coat type. We also carry high quality coat and skin products to keep your dog in top condition.

We will soon be stocking quality pet foods for: 

Dogs, Cats, Birds, Fish and Small Animals

Check back soon for updates!